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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board represents the interests of investors, with its members selected by investors and appointed by the holding company’s Executive Board. The Advisory Board … “Advisory Board”


The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) supervises credit institutions, financial and payment service providers, insurers, pension funds, capital investment companies and securities trading. The aim … “BaFin”

Closed-end fund

Holding company for financing one or more assets, including properties, ships, trains, aircraft, renewable energies and companies (private equity), usually in the legal form of … “Closed-end fund”

Commercial property

Buildings for non-manufacturing business and for managing manufacturing business, including office and administration buildings, lodging properties, senior living facilities, commercial properties, leisure properties and industrial … “Commercial property”

Due diligence

Careful analysis and assessment of a company or an investment property/project, with a particular focus on its economic, financial, tax and legal circumstances. Due diligence … “Due diligence”

Investment policy

Policy for capital investment with investment funds. Required content is regulated in Section 162 f of the German Investment Code (KAGB). The investment policy and … “Investment policy”


An investor purchases financial products of all kinds, including securities, properties and precious metals, for the purpose of increasing wealth over the long term. We … “Investor”

IRR method

The internal rate of return (IRR) method is a process of dynamic capital budgeting and therefore supports evaluation and comparison of different investment alternatives. It’s … “IRR method”

Issuing premium

Agio or surcharge on the nominal value (100%) for trading in securities and dealings in foreign exchange, notes and coins, and credit business. The agio … “Issuing premium”

Issuing prospectus

Sales prospectus with key data and contracts for the closed-end alternative investment fund. Project components include a description of the economic, tax and legal concepts, … “Issuing prospectus”

Mezzanine financing

Financing with hybrid capital. Mezzanine financing falls somewhere between voting capital and premium debt, with characteristics of both equity and debt financing. Source: Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon … “Mezzanine financing”

Money Multiple

The multiple of money indicates the return of a portfolio fund as a multiple figure based on the capital invested in portfolio companies. Unlike the … “Money Multiple”

Net asset value

The German Investment Code (KAGB) stipulates that the net asset value (NAV) of the investment company and the resulting net asset value per share must … “Net asset value”

Private Equity

Equity provided by private and/or institutional investors and used by holding companies (private equity companies) to acquire company shares for a limited period of time, … “Private Equity”

Real estate company

A company dedicated to managing its own assets, acquiring, developing and using land and property-equivalent rights, utilising these for commercial and other purposes, and marketing … “Real estate company”


The term redevelopment, which represents property renovation and redesign, differs from revitalisation, the aim of which is to breathe new life into a property, whilst … “Redevelopment”

Trust company

A company which acts in a fiduciary capacity by order and for account of one or more trusters (investors). The trust agreement regulates the rights … “Trust company”