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Real Estate is our home

Paribus Immobilien Assetmanagement GmbH currently manages 34 Real Estates projects with around 395.200 m² of rental space in Germany and Europe. We accompany the entire Real Estate value chain – with strategic vision and operational pragmatism. We have compiled an overview of our most important services for you below.


Indirect investments form the foundation of the Paribus Group’s Real Estate portfolio. Together with private and institutional investors, we invest in Real Estate in Germany and other European countries via Kommanditgesellschaften (limited partnerships) (AIF). Our focus here is on the types of use of Commercial and Office Real Estates properties.

All objects go through a multi stage due-diligence process before they are connected. Investment selection criteria include an appropriate pre-let or pre-sale ratio, manageable capital commitment terms, a competitive utilisation concept and a convincing project development that offers the investor an interesting risk-reward profile.

Portfolio management

The Real Estate portfolio managed by Paribus Immobilien Assetmanagement GmbH originates from the Paribus Group’s own initiated portfolio and from third-party providers.

We are also happy to offer the entire range of services for the care and management of your Real Estate portfolio. Please feel free to contact the Management of Paribus Immobilien Assetmanagement GmbH and we will develop a collaboration concept with you. We look forward to your call.

Martin Rolle, Managing Director of Paribus Immobilien Assetmanagement GmbH
Martin Rolle

Managing Director

  • Paribus Immobilien Assetmanagement GmbH
Real Estate management

As the Real Estate assetmanager of the Paribus Group, we offer 360-degree support that benefits properties and investors alike. The basis of all actions is a balanced relationship between stability, value creation and risk. We see ourselves as caretakers at all levels.

Selected services at a glance:

  • Tenant talks: we communicate with our tenants on a regular basis and develop utilisation concepts together with them in order to ensure long-term tenancy agreements.
  • Utilisation concepts: we monitor the property’s environment and the demand for vacant space. We develop feasibility studies together with architects and civil engineers. We talk to building authorities and public agencies. We check whether, for example, Office Real Estate can be developed into Residential Real Estate in the sense of a (re-)development – or vice versa.
  • Financing: we maintain constant contact with the financing banks in order to ensure competitive financing structuring and procurement in the long term as the supporting pillar of a stable investment.
Real Estate administration

We prepare reports and collect data that is collected and evaluated as part of controlling and Real Estate administration. This includes:

  • Company accounting
  • Preparation of budgets and ongoing budget control
  • Receivables and liquidity management
  • Operating costs
  • Risk management
  • Annual financial statements
  • Preparation of annual reports
  • Contract and data management
Project development and construction management

Targeted portfolio development leads to an optimisation of the Real Estates value. Together with our architects, civil engineers and planners, we develop the existing properties with sustainable utilisation concepts. From the idea to the plan and from the plan to implementation – the construction management of Paribus Immobilien Assetmanagement GmbH is an initiator, manager, coordinator and controller. We represent building owners and investors.

Property management

Our property management comprises commercial, technical and accounting services. This can be done directly or indirectly by assigning the services to external Property Managers who accompany the Real Estates properties according to our specifications.

The services in detail:

  • Planning and implementation of maintenance measures
  • Rental agreement prolongations
  • Utility bills
  • Technical object support
  • Warranty tracking

The right timing determines a successful exit. To hold or to sell? As part of a structured sales process, we weigh up the pros and cons and present our recommendation to the investors for resolution. Experience has shown that the first best selling price does not necessarily achieve the best possible result. Instead of a sale, we also examine whether it is profitable for investors to transfer the property to a new fund company in order to continue to hold an interest in the property.