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General information

All content on the Paribus Group websites is prepared with the utmost care and regularly updated. Nonetheless, the Paribus Group does not assume any liability for the correctness and timeliness of the information. The information provided on this website (www.paribus.de) is not binding. The published sales prospectuses alone are key for the sale of the capital investments offered. These prospectuses can be requested from Paribus Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH in writing or downloaded in the download section for capital investment on this website.

These Paribus Group websites do not constitute investment advice, but rather serve solely to inform the user. We recommend that you consult a financial advisor whom you trust. The provision and access of content on the Paribus Group websites do not constitute a contractual relationship with the Paribus Group. In addition, the Paribus Group websites do not represent an offer to sell or a call to provide an offer for purchase of the capital investments initiated or offered by the Paribus Group. Regardless, the Paribus Group companies do not assume any liability for the expected economic and tax results. In particular, any statements pertaining to the future represent targets, the achievement of which is subject to unforeseeable risks and therefore cannot be guaranteed in any way. The future performance of capital investments cannot be predicted on the basis of past trends, which is why good past performance is not a reliable indicator of positive development in the future.

Sales restrictions (outside Germany): In many countries, the information contained on these pages may not be disseminated or the capital investments offered if the company providing and/or responsible for the investment has not yet submitted a notification to the competent administrative authority and/or acquired sales authorisation. If there is no notification/authorisation, the information contained on these websites is not directed at the citizens of those countries.

Information for citizens of the United States of America (USA)

The capital investments and information on these pages are not intended for the US and are therefore not directed at citizens of the United States of America or persons who reside in the US.

Information about external links on these pages

The Paribus Group websites may contain links to the websites of other providers. The Paribus Group assesses the content on these external websites for any potential infringements when the link is added, but not on a continuous basis. The Paribus Group is not responsible for the content on these websites or for its timeliness. Should you discover any illegal content on these pages, please inform us as soon as possible. Our contact details can be found in the imprint. You can also feel free to use the contact form. We will immediately review your matter and make any necessary changes to our website.            

Information about copyright

The content and structure of the Paribus Group websites are protected by copyright. Information, calculation tools and data may not be reproduced without the prior written permission of Paribus Holding GmbH & Co. KG (authorised to represent all Paribus Group companies). In particular, this refers to the use of texts, sections of text and images.

The rights pertaining to the images used on this website are available here. The copyright belongs to the originators mentioned there.

The Paribus Group reserves the right to change or add to the information provided at any time.