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Railway investments of the Paribus Group – well positioned

Since 2008, Paribus has continuously developed and expanded the Rail asset class. Today, with our sister company Northrail GmbH, we are the number-one European-based rental provider of locomotives in shunting and short/medium-haul operations with a market share of 30 %. We develop highly specialised and innovative Rail investments for and with international partners and institutional investors. In Northrail, we have a professional and broadly based assetmanager in the railway industry at our disposal, both during the structuring and conception phase and for the supervision of the investments.

With a team of long-standing capital market experts, we design innovative investments, supported by engineers and technicians from our Rail Assetmanager Northrail. We benefit from in-depth market knowledge, a broad network in the equity and debt capital markets, a high level of technical expertise and daily dealings with leasing as well as buying and selling locomotives and multiple units.

From the idea to the finished financing project

We take care of a smooth process from the idea to the market-ready investment and financing project. From start to finish, we take on numerous tasks:

  • Identification of suitable investment objects/projects
  • Project review in the form of due-diligence
  • Project costing and cash flow modelling
  • Creation of investment memoranda
  • Raising equity and debt capital
  • Making recommendations or assisting in the selection of advisers and consultants
  • Implementation of the transaction documentation
  • Management and conclusion of the relevant insurances
  • Construction supervision by Northrail
  • Leasing as well as technical and commercial management

Investment ideas are subject to stringent checks to ensure they pay off

Whether the investment idea becomes a success and ultimately pays off for all parties depends on various criteria. The economic sustainability and profitability of the project are crucial. When selecting investors, we check their suitability for the respective investment opportunities. Can the return requirements be met? Does the intended investment correspond to the investor’s risk tolerance? And finally: what is the level of experience from previous projects? This, combined with our market know-how and our experience in the implementation of such investments, enables us to identify the best ideas and lead them to success with suitable partners.

Rail is the future

We invest in

  • Rail vehicles of all types, with a focus on locomotives and multiple units – preferably in portfolios of new or used vehicles
  • Europe, currently with a focus on the German-speaking region
  • Publicly tendered SPNV projects that appear suitable for us

Selected references – successfully on track

  • 2021
    • Siemens Mobility and Paribus Rail Investment Management GmbH conclude a framework purchase agreement and full-service contract for up to 30 Vectron Dual Mode locomotives for the investor RIVE Private Investment. Northrail GmbH is responsible for leasing and assetmanagement
    • Framework purchase agreement for up to 50 “zero-emission” shunting and medium-haul locomotives of type DM 20-EBB (Vossloh Locomotives) including a full-service maintenance contract for the investor RIVE Private Investment. Leasing and assetmanagement of the newly developed generation of locomotives will be handled by Northrail GmbH
    • Structuring of the purchase and financing of seven DE 18 diesel-electric universal locomotives from Vossloh Locomotives for the investor RIVE Private Investment. Northrail GmbH is responsible for leasing and assetmanagement
  • 2020
    • Acquisition of 55 environmentally friendly, battery-operated regional-train multiple units (locomotive type “Flirt Akku”). The battery-operated multiple units are rented out within the framework of a contract with the state of Schleswig-Holstein to various railway companies to be selected by the state
  • 2019
    • Purchase and management of (up to) 25 Siemens Smartron electric locomotives for institutional investors managed by Paris-based RIVE Private Investment
  • 2017
    • Purchase and management of 31 diesel locomotives from a major European locomotive lessor for institutional investors managed by Paris-based RIVE Private Investment
  • 2014
    • Purchase and management of locomotives, passenger coaches and multiple units for the state of Schleswig-Holstein as part of a 19-year SPNV project:
      • Purchase together with the institutional investor DIF Infrastructure
      • Management and provision of locomotives

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Dr. Volker Simmering, Managing Director of Paribus Holding and Paribus Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft
Dr Volker Simmering

Managing Partner

Michael Trentzsch, Managing Director Paribus Rail Investment Management GmbH
Michael Trentzsch

Managing Director

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