Zwei northrail-Lokomotiven - Nahaufnahme

Paribus Rail Portfolio II

Total investment volume

EUR 58.756.030

Locomotives in the portfolio


Types of drive



Paribus Rail Portfolio II

The locomotive portfolio of the Paribus Rail Portfolio II consists of 36 locomotives in nine different locomotive types with diesel-hydraulic or diesel-electric drive. The predominant area of application of the shunting and feeder locomotives are transshipment centres such as ports and factory transports in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

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Total investment volume EUR 58.756.030 (original, without agio)
Thereof equity EUR 49.581.000
Fund and Assetmanager Northrail GmbH
Investor Services Paribus Trust GmbH

OBJECT DATA AS OF 31 DeCember 2019

Paribus Rail Portfolio II

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Object type 34 locomotives
Thereof with diesel/electric drive 33 locomotives with diesel-hydraulic drive
1 locomotive with diesel-electric drive
Thereof shunting/mainline locomotives 34 shunting locomotives
Locomotive types DE 1002, G 322, G 6, G 1206, G 1600, Gravita 10, Gravita 15, Köf III
Operational areas (countries) Germany, Sweden
Average age Approximately 11 years (weighted according to acquisition and production costs)

Technical details on the locomotive types can be found on


Paribus Rail Portfolio II - northrail locomotive on tracks
northrail locomotive on track
Paribus Rail Portfolio II - northrail locomotive side view
Paribus Rail Portfolio II - northrail locomotive at the port


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